2016 Leukemia Cup Regatta Completed

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society organized the 2016th edition of Leukemia Cup Regattas with objective spread awareness about Leukemia disease and to raise funds for the cause.

At the regatta over 100 sailors represented who were among the top fundraisers.

The event held on 3rd December and participants who took part in sailing; sailed in PHRF boats that belonged to Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club and Harbor 20s. The event took place in Newport Beach, CA. As the objective of the event to spread awareness about disease, Leukemia, so participants also learned some information about it.

Wes Selby, who owned TNT, a 1D48 won the championship. Crew members of TNT were Columbia Yacht Club of Chicago John Boyle and Linda Zager, Great Lakes Yacht Club St. Clair Shores Allison Frantz and Trey Rose, Charleston Ocean Racing of Charleston, William Jones, Canyon Lake Yacht Club of Lake Canyon Ray Leubner, North Star Sailing Club of Harrison Township, Cruz Schroeder, Cleveland Yachting Club of Cleveland Tom Purdy, and Bahia Corinthian YC of Newport Beach Ted O’Connor.

The race organizer was Paul DeCapua from Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. Ted O’Connor and Connie directed the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club’s efforts to host the event. The event also turned out as an idea to raise more fund for a cause.

The top fundraisers for cause in the year 2016 are Matt Cromar, he raised the fund of 185,000 Dollar for Leukemia Cup San Francisco Yacht Club, and a Leukemia Cup team of New Orleans’ Southern YC Zephyr raised the fund amount of 126,736 dollars. Till date Leukemia cup regatta has raised the fund amount of 58 million Dollars. The fund raised by the team is used to help people suffering from this disease and can’t afford the treatment cost. The society also helps cancer patient in treatment.