Artemis Team In Extreme Series

The two practice sessions that have been held in the Bermuda waters in preparation for the America’s Cup 35th series have seen Artemis Racing staying in strong form.

The Great Sound of Bermuda is the venue for the event as well as the practice sessions that have been held. For the Artemis Racing team comprising of Iain Percy as skipper along with his mates on Magic Blue catamaran, have been emerging as strong contenders for America’s Cup. They hold onto the memory of their crew member, Andrew Simpson aka Bart, who is no longer with them as he was killed in a training accident that occurred about four years back.

Artemis team would be sailing with Simpson in their mind and they are currently working on sea legs that they did not develop when they took part in the regatta event of 2013.

There is a Bart ribbon tied in his honor on the wing sail that was also visited by Simpson’s family when they came to the team’s base recently. Iain is keen to keep the link as he was childhood friends with Simpson and they had sailed in two Olympic events together as well where they had earned gold and silver medals. The ribbon will not only remind them that there are more important things in life and will also encourage them to make a win in Bart’s honor. The Swedish team has been making headlines with their performances and many feel that they will challenge the defending champions; the Oracle Team When the America’s Cup begins and moves to the final races. The Artemis is the very catamaran that broke apart on a training run, which took Simpson’s life on May 9th 2013. This happened on San Francisco Bay. However the boat remained a part of the 34th America’s Cup series that was due to be in that year.