On Day 11 of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, the fleet is in an interesting space following the crossing of the equator. The North Easterly trade winds as expected have arrived. The top three sides on the fleet remain unchanged with Qingdao still in the lead. However, Dare To Lead is following closely in second place, just two nautical miles behind.

The captain of Qingdao Chris Kobusch says they are excited that the wind is here and they get to sail at 10+ knots towards Sanya. He adds that they would have to navigate a few islands littered across the next 300 nautical miles. He says he hopes to return someday to those islands on another occasion to dive as the sights and experiences would be spectacular.

Sanya Serenity Coast skipper Wendy Tuck is also excited that the wind is here and they are moving ahead. He confirms that it is still hot and steamy though. They are 26 nautical miles off the leaders but they have to be careful of the big movers Unicef.

Unicef are now in fourth place ahead of Liverpool 2018, but both sides have impressively risen through the ranks from eighth and ninth place in the last 24 hours. They followed the northerly route, covering more than 100 nautical miles. Unicef lead Bog Beggs says they are eager to get to Sanya so they are charging under the Code 3 spinnaker. He said he cannot wait to reach Sanya and they have started the countdown already.

PSP Logistics are still in stealth mode and are not expected to be heard from until possibly past midnight. For now Visit Seattle and Garmin are in sixth and seventh. Nasdaq and HotelPlanner follow while GREAT Britain place tenth.