Now You Can Sail On Saturday Mornings

Have you ever wondered what special you can do on a winter Saturday morning? Yes, you can sail! Else, you can come and hang out with the different sailors who specialize in frostbite sailing. The volunteers for the race committee is always an open task and this can be an amazing way to gain some experience and some contacts with some of the most powerful racers on the planet.

The Club is hosting the frostbite racing in Manhattan for the third year now, and this is going stronger than ever. The dinghy docks which are meant to be an all-purpose thingy have been moved to the position. Both the volunteers and the sailors gather at the Club sharp at around 9:30 am on a Saturday morning. The boats will be rigged later on and a few races in the bitter cold will be held.

The RC boat for this winter goes by the name Therapy. The Club is known for the storage of the boat and the maintenance for it, for a particular university. Some of the members of the university who are into sailing also take part in the racing committee as the members, volunteers or when the slots are free, they also compete as sailors.

If you have the right warm clothes, then being on the race committee podium and the scene can be the best start you can give to a weekend. With the number of interesting conversations that wait, this is the best new experience which a very few people can actually get worldwide.

The Club members are made of people who are the best in the business and those as well, who are the newcomers in the job. There may be days when the winds may be high enough to avoid any racing. But it is not the case always with the conditions.