Sailing yacht at US$ 20 million per guest

Andrey Melnichenko, a Russian billionaire and businessman, likes to charge yachts which are not like anything that have ever been made before. He began with a magnificent, 390-foot yacht which was designed by the Philippe Starck and made by Blohm + Voss in Germany.

It was introduced in the year 2008, was bruited to cost roughly around US$ 300 million dollars, and is just called A. It has room for fourteen invitees and up to thirty-seven crew.

But Motor Vessel A is quite small if we compare it to Melnichenko’s newest Starck-designed statement yacht. The Sailing Yacht A was launched in Germany recently and is astonishing in its proportions as well as price tag (reportedly well more than US$400 million dollars).

It assesses 468 feet long, its 3, free standing masts are well more than three-hundred feet tall, and as you can see, this is quite a…sight. Once they set the sails, it would technically be one of the biggest sailing vessels in the world for Melnichenko as well as up to twenty guests to enjoy.

Meanwhile, a thirty foot yacht rammed on to rocks at the Waiheke Island with 2 people on board. Coastguard Operations Centre’s Johnny Clough told that the two people on board had suffered bruises and cuts in the mishap. People on board put out a mayday alert around 6.15 pm yesterday as well as 2 Coastguard vessels replied. Mr Clough told that the boat had hit rocks near Park Point. He told that the conditions were testing. It was quite an unusual place to park.