US Teams And Their Challenges

Sailing teams were not without challenges as the week of races have started for them in the Rio Olympics games. The US team in Rio de Janeiro had been preparing for months in order to get familiar with the tidal cycles and wind patterns in the Guanabara Bay. On the second day of racing the team experienced light wind that made it difficult for the races to begin. The early races in the five different categories were defined by tactical parameters that were treacherous. The races on the second day took place in the Guanabara Bay area.

Caleb Paine from San Diego struggled in the early stages on this day, but he was able to make a good comeback on the opening race in the heavyweight Finn class for men. He stated that the race was exciting as the breeze was coming in from both directions and it would die down and build up again. He is a champion in the Sailing World Cup series was definitely able to meet the exhilarating parameters of the race.

However, even he, along with others, experienced unpredictable weather conditions throughout. For instance, there had been a wind shift and that made it difficult for him – he likened it to a being a novice again, and remembeed when he had first been to Charter a Yacht in Trogir. However, by hanging on and making it up in the final lap he was able to finish in the seventh position.

Paine stated that his resilience paid off in the end and he admitted that there was a lot of mental strength that was needed to stay on in the unpredictable race. He points out that the main thing that is needed is tenacity and realizing that the race is not over till it is over in real. With a sailboat it is necessary to push your way all the way to the finish line.